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Easily search and locate the best doctors and hospitals in your vicinity to access the best possible healthcare facilities at the shortest possible time.

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Easy & helpful health information for travelers and expats, on the go. Health insurance policies safeguard you against unexpected medical emergencies & keep your family's finances stable during testing times.

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Be up-to-date with the latest news about health and security, from around the world. Don't forget to buy a travel insurance for your peace of mind anytime.

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Check whether your weight is healthy, extra weight increases your risk of health problems. A doctor can further assess risk for serious weight-related diseases by considering your BMI.

Medical Assistance

MedinyX 360° for Medical Assistance has the right solutions if you are an assistance company of any size, to serve your insured and non-insured members.

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Travel Assistance

A powerful platform for providing all the required information for the travel related queries like destination, hotels, insurance, and other servies.

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Roadside Assistance

MedinyX 360° is the most comprehensive and multi-faceted software, that can easily increase overall efficiency and guarantee satisfied customers.

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