MedinyX Assisitance

Medinyx Medical Management System

This platform has been made for the purpose of :
  • medinyx hospitalHOSPITALS/CLINICS
The MMMS empowers the medical management and development staff to regulate the data at their fingertips and monitor it on a consistent basis of performance, efficiency, control and revenue.
  • The Modules
    The Modules
  • Patient registration
    Patient registration
  • Out Patient Module
    Out Patient Module
  • Plan Management
    Plan Management
  • Diagnostics & Lab
    Diagnostics & Lab
  • In Patient Module
    In Patient Module
  • Pharmacy
  • Invoicing  Accounting
    Invoicing & Accounting
  • Out Patient Cashless For Insurance
    Out Patient Cashless
    For Insurance
    Medinyx MPad
  • Real Time Reporting  Data Analysis
    Real Time Reporting
    & Data Analysis
Even if you are providing a standalone facility or running multiple clinics, the MMMS is well-structured and can be modified to a platform that differentiates it over the flow of processes embedded within it. The MMMS can be helpful as a tool for business enhancement and operations.

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