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Booking Generator

If you are a boutique Hotel and need your guests to book in directly at your hotel, you need a one-stop-shop solution to make your online presence known in this highly competitive market of hospitality to maximize bookings at your hotel. The MedinyX Booking Generator solution helps you as a standalone property to take in direct bookings and payments and much more, and give your guests a unique experience of your hospitality.
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Online presence
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Hi-Tech in Room Pads
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Standard Guest Management
  • Increase and Cross Sell your in-house Sales
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve on Operational Factors
  • Direct Customer Feedbacks
  • Service Appraisals Measurements
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