Cost Containment

Medical Cost Containment platform

Cost containment is a huge part of any insurance or assistance business and technology can be a great factor in controlling healthcare costs. Artificial intelligence when incorporated in management platforms can analyse the data input related to all procedures which can later be tracked and compared easily. Furthermore, even the pre-diagnostics of certain diseases are facilitated through the comparison of symptoms and consequently better and faster care can be offered through digitalization of data.
MedinyX provides such technological solutions based on artificial intelligence to insurance, assistance and medical companies of any sizes. We specialize in these areas and have gathered expertise to provide the best tools and platforms for these sectors.

ICD-10 Advantages

International Classification of Disease

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Setting Health Policy
  • Streamlined Processing
  • More Appropriate Payment Models
  • Improved Quality in Clinical Documentation
  • Medical Repricing
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Improved Recognition of Severity & Risk
  • Precise Definition of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

platform screenshots

MedinyX cost-containment

ICD-10 Diagnosis

MedinyX cost-containment

Provider Invoice

MedinyX cost-containment

MCC Invoice Details

Benefits to Business

MedinyX cost-containment
MedinyX cost-containment
MedinyX cost-containment
MedinyX cost-containment
MedinyX cost-containment

Medical Repricing

Uncovers any billing errors that may take place. Ensures a quick and accurate process every single time.

  • Daily re-pricing reports
  • Cost effective claims re-pricing.
  • Quick turnaround time for claims processing.
  • Uphold security and confidentiality of patient data

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