MedinyX Assisitance

Digital Signage Solutions

MedinyX can help you create an astounding impact on your customers by making your advertisements and promos more engaging and interactive, using our Digital Signage Solutions. With posters becoming history in the field of advertisements, static as well as dynamic screens will help you attract a larger and interested crowd towards your products and services.

Stand out and create a dramatic effect with interactive screens that respond to gestures from people viewing it, giving your prospective clients a unique taste of your top-class services and products, even before they actually become your customers.

All this is possible with the Digital Signage Solutions from MedinyX, and our expert team can perfectly understand your company's needs, giving you tailor-made signage solutions, for that extra boost of revenues. From the installation of hardware to the customization of the software, MedinyX will take care of it all, allowing you to display whatever you want; whenever and wherever you wish.
  • Lasting impressions
  • Vibrant hues and colors for attractive imagery
  • Interactive screens to intrigue prospective customers and shoot your sales
  • Customizable screens and technology for unlimited options
  • Post eye-catching ads, latest news or information and specific messages and texts-anytime, anywhere
  • Increase point-of-decision sales

Pharmacy Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage can extend to a myriad of industries and one of them is the pharmacy industry. Digital Signage can be used to increase overall awareness and give a credible platform for promotion of medication companies.

Not only does it serve as a source of information and entertainment to visitors, but can also be used to improve point-of-purchase sales.

It is known through studies that people find information displayed in a pharmacy to be more credible than any other place, and you can utilize such a platform to its best, reaching out to your customers and improving revenue using Pharmacy Digital Signage Solutions from MedinyX.