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Managing Hedge Funds have become easier with MedinyX’s hedge fund management software!

Managing hedge funds is a complex process and attracts higher proportions of assets from institutional investors, hedge fund software can be beneficial for them in achieving the institutional reliability as they need to sustain profitability and maintain the enduring growth. With the hedge fund management software, investors can manage complex investment strategies, control risk and acquire new mandates.

MedinyX, a leading software solution provider offers hedge fund portfolio management software known as Hedge Fund Payment Solution to help the fund managers manage the fund with ease. The software is easy to install and comes with several features that allows the users to keep a track of their hedge fund investment. It also comes with an admin panel, which allows the fund managers to keep a track of the entire process.

Hedge Fund Payment Solution Platforms

MedinyX hedge fund management software
MedinyX hedge fund management software
  • Account reconciliations
  • Ledger statements generations - Applicable for Online investment-Offline as well is possible subject to bank data access.
  • Data analysis on investors
  • Dispatch of Documents
  • Dispatch of marketing material to Investors

MedinyX hedge fund management software
  • Online admin application for investors to pay online
  • Multi currency platform


  • MIS Report

B2C Portal

  • Fund & Class Configuration
  • Customer Sign-up
  • Customer Login
  • Lum Sum Payment

Admin Panel

  • Manage customer data

Payment Gateway
Collection System

  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily
  • Automatic alert to Admin
  • Multiple Currency
  • All major cards accepted
  • Monthly Recurring System
MedinyX hedge fund management software
  • Login for customers to check their portfolios via PC or Direct emails
  • Check real time portfolio status
  • Apps for customers to check their portfolio status
  • Generate Investment statements
  • Redeem investments or request to redeem
  • Shift or allocate funds based on your portfolio
  • Manage your portfolio
  • Request to message directly your customer relation manager instead of a email (Directly send a message to them with the details needed with the currently portfolio at hand) saves time for the CRM or broker and can immediately respond back.

MedinyX hedge fund management software
  • Appointed brokers selling the schemes to have their direct log ins
  • Digitalise their commissions and incentives
  • Brokers get more transparency and independence to manage their clients in a better way.