MedinyX Assisitance

Completely white label Look and feel of your brand

Live tracking of service provider on maps

Customer loyalty, Customer feedback

Digitize your roadside assistance delivery

Transparency in the service & claims processes also with the service provider

Real time data of the insured and service provider

Insurance company can measure the time and quality of the service

RoadsideAssist24 is the answer to increased customer demand for instant service

  Breakdown Assistance

  E-call Button

  Complex Road Service Operation

  Mechanical assistance

  Call Taking & Dispatching

  Emergency Lockout Service

Digitize Your Roadside Assistance

Bridging gap between the insurance and assistance companies through one single platform to manage motor insurance claims and Roadside Assistance

This platform is an another layer to digitize your roadside assistance delivery

Simple integration through mobile app and platform

Review of the service provider

Transparency in claims and losses which control fraud

Zero capex
Pay per case model

Platform Modules

Platform Screen short image

Running Case Log

Platform Screen short image

New Case Registration

B2B / B2C App Screenshot

Home screen

Request assistance

Service provider on the way

Service provider feedback

Benefits For Customer

 Available for iPhone, Android

 Connect to Alarm Centers with E-call

 Find local gas, hotels and repair shops

 Get real time service when and where needed

 Initiate a claim when needed

 Service provider feedback

 Upload pictures from the scene