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Software for Insurance Companies and our other Products

MedinyX has a strong focus and knowledge in certain key industries which are driven under the Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Retail and Hospitality sectors and provides robust software for insurance companies. Some of MedinyX’s health insurance products and solutions have given it a place among some of the renowned health insurance software companies.

MedinyX is one among the better known Insurance Software Companies for products like Travel Insurance Software, Travel Insurance System, Health Insurance Sales Software, Case Management System & Roadside Assistance Software and providing other widespread solutions and software for insurance related services in a limited stretch of time; implementing Motor, Travel, Liability and Health Schemes. With expertise in Banca-Assurance Schemes implementation, MedinyX also provides interlinked systems of multi-channel distribution that also gives the features of policy, scheme or member management.

MedinyX's Case Management System, which is a robust platform having a centralized database, stores all relevant information regarding your cases and files. Fast and effortless document production is available via a single mouse click on Case Management Software.

With a solution for every demand that an industry can have, MedinyX promises solutions that not only meets these demands but also gives more, in terms of the latest technology, the best services and an e-mpowered future.

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