MedinyX Assisitance

Customized Solutions

MedinyX Insurance Solutions team is happy to customize the system according to various business requirements at affordable prices. Every company or organization has a system that is closely interlinked with all the varied departments and keeping all the data from these numerous sources together and updated, is a matter of great importance. Hence, a Customized Solution is required to meet their business needs and fulfill the requirement of every department. We provide the customized solutions for all your unique situations.

Our business analyst team will study and understand your business process and the Development team, deliver you a customized software system that completely matches your business logic and flow.

MedinyX team provides you inexpensive business software solutions by customizing existing solutions or even create a software from scratch to meet your Business need. We use most popular technologies of the world to create and deliver best and stable software solution.

MedinyX Insurance Solutions provides following customization in development:

  • Development of Custom web and Windows application.
  • Minor and Major Customization in existing solution or Application.
  • Can Create and develop fully customized solution from scratch, according to your business flow.
  • Maintenance and Support of Customized system.
  • Integration of third party component in existing solutions.
  • Customization and Integration of different business solutions into your Main Software which gives you the power to access different systems through a single system and increase overall productivity.
  • We use the best industry standard and tools to deliver a user friendly and quality software solution.