Assistance Case Management Software

MedinyX 360° is fully customized and result-driven case management software system for medical, & travel assistance organizations, vendors to make more productive and effective work. The assistance case management system by MedinyX is a powerful platform which will help you to store and manage all the important data from your cases, customers and providers, resulting in effective action and optimized co-ordination between the various procedures involved.

The MedinyX case management system can be customized to perform as assistance claims management software system or simply medical claims processing software, according to your company's needs and goals.

Case Management

Medical Cost Containment Modules

MedinyX offers service-oriented Medical Management and Cost Containment Services (CCS) that aid our clients in controlling their medical costs and maximizing savings while ensuring that our members receive quick and valuable information whenever they need it. The programs work directly with our members to provide the support they need to make the right health decisions.

Our data-driven services combine leading-edge technology with a personal touch to keep healthcare affordable. Our sole focus & commitment is to improve claims quality and minimize leakage.

Benefits of Case Management Software

Creation Reports

Easy to Creation Reports

The platform makes it simple to view data, create timely reports, and create a plan for long-term, sustainable growth. Client progress and other indicators can be examined so management can assess the performance of the team and identify areas for improvement.


Continuous Communication

It allows caseworkers to connect with clients directly under one roof, and since all interactions are linked to the appropriate case files, there are no misunderstandings or mistakes.


Increase Collaboration

Anyone involved in a specific case will have access to accurate information. For example, in industries like healthcare, the software can be installed for a specific role to only gather information such as billing addresses while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data such as medical history.

MedinyX 360° also offering MLegal: Legal Document Repository System

MedinyX MLegal Repository System transcends mere cloud storage, serving as a central for capturing and store your organization's document-centric data. This streamlines the process of locating the latest document versions, allowing users to concentrate on their tasks instead of combing through scattered paper or digital files across various repositories and silos.

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Features of Assistance Case Management Software

Case Management Software