Insurance Software Solutions

The success of an insurance sales company is based on how the distribution channels are structured and defined, and how quickly products can be placed via an e-channel of distribution. Medinyx has the expertise, with its online Health Insurance Software Solutions, a Global Solution developed by industry experts and running in over 50 countries, used by many insurers locally and regionally as a standard application to meet all the various demands of the market. This structured insurance sales platform is a top of the line one-stop solution and can be customized to suit different users, from basic insurance sales platform to advanced insurance sales platform.

With an excellent built-in sales linked based pricing, costing a mere transaction fee per policy sold, the insurance sales platform can e-mpower insurers, brokers and the entire value chain to achieve their goals in distribution of their various insurance products in Travel, Health, Life and Motor Lines. The insurance sales platform solutions can give you an upper hand over others, with the help of our easy to use and extremely functional insurance sales platform.

Come talk to us and see how Medinyx can help e-mpower your business today for tomorrow's challenges.

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Business to customer

  • B2C Setup
  • Websites
  • Social Media Connect
  • Direct Sales, Notifications
  • Real Times Sales Report
  • Policy Enrollment Management

Business to Business

  • Reseller Connect
  • Payment Management
  • Bordereau Management
  • Administration of Policies
  • Reinsurance Reporting
  • Webportal, Daily Reporting

Insurance Sales Chatbot

An insurance chatbot knows all your insurance products and guides your clients online through their questions helping them to choose the appropriate product for them, leading to more sales closures and happier customers.

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