Medical & Travel Assistance Software Solutions

Travel Assistance

With a greater portion of the world’s population travelling more and more frequently, Travel Assistance companies have become of huge importance, and to support your company’s growing workload, MedinyX presents unique and comprehensive software to cater to all your requirements. Whether you provide travel assistance or travel medical assistance, the Travel Assistance Software can be customized to your needs, making you more efficient in processing your customers’ distress calls and providing timely services.

Travel Medical Assistance Software is comprehensive and adaptable, it can allow you to give prompt assistance services to your customers, guaranteeing their complete satisfaction. The software keeps a record of the nature of assistance required and the location where it needs to be dispatched to, keeping you one step ahead. Efficiently manage the cases and your assistance provider teams to ensure optimized utilization of resources and manpower.

Whether it is a matter related to health care, lost baggage, hotel bookings or delayed flights, you can provide outstanding assistance services to your customers using the Travel Medical Assistance Software by MedinyX.

Medical Assistance

MedinyX 360° has the right solutions for you if you are an assistance company of any size, to serve your insured and non-insured members.

MedinyX 360° has the ability to handle and manage your portfolio on

Health Insurance benefits


Health Insurance benefits


Health Insurance benefits


Health Insurance benefits


Health Insurance benefits


Some of the features are

  • Case notification and automotive response in minimum time to the client.
  • Verification of members
  • Ability to remind the urgent and pending tasks on the group and individuals.
  • Full provider network database with integrated map service
  • Handling of service requests
  • Ability to store large number of data related to the case whether medical, financial or network related.
  • All communications - documents and logs stored directly on the related case.
  • Ability to share the files with individuals and groups at the same time.
  • Has real time currency exchange features.
  • Templates for all outgoing communications.
  • Allows files to transfer and share with different dept. for billing, networking and Auditing purpose.
  • Ability to share the Medical information with medical dept. and to avail their authorization and recommendation online on the critical medical cases.
  • Online authorization features.