Roadside Assistance Software Solutions

A comprehensive Roadside Assistance Software, apart from skilled service personnel, is a must for the efficient working of a Roadside Assistance company, enabling them to give prompt and excellent services to their customers when they need it. The software becomes a reliable partner in providing assistance services to distressed customers using GPS and mapping technology for finding their exact location and sending immediate help.

MedinyX’s Roadside Assistance Software helps you to easily communicate with your service personnel as well as customers, helping you to carry out a fully coordinated assistance service, much to the satisfaction of your harrowed customers and convenience of your personnel. Handling the various distress calls from your customers is made as easy as ABC, with real-time reporting and easy payment calculations by the software.

The software not only helps you to manage your customers, but also your employees, your resources and your business as a whole. Manage your workflow, track your fleets and customers, maintain your inventory and do much more with the help of Roadside Assistance Software by MedinyX, which is easy to use for your employees as well as customers. The software, being flexible and versatile, is adaptable to your company procedures and supports all your functions and business demands.

Roadside Assistance is the complete system for managing today's efficient roadside assistance service companies. With MedinyX's Roadside Assistance Software solutions, the company will be able to manage their assets, as well as the expenditures, and all other features that come along with it. With MedinyX, get a wonderful software tool that can help you to easily keep and manage inventory of all the items, and the kind of support and services that they can provide to the customers when they require it.

  • Breakdown assistance
  • Personal Safety
  • Complex Road Service Operation
  • Call Taking & Dispatching
  • Minor roadside adjustments
  • Emergency Lockout Service