Travel Insurance Software Solutions

A Comprehensive and Complete Travel Insurance Management System

MedinyX is a market leader in empowering insurers and brokers to set up, in a very short time span, a nationwide solution in order to implement schemes, using the travel insurance software. With expertise in implementing Banca-assurance schemes, interlinked with the multi-channel distribution systems that include member and policy or scheme management, MedinyX offers a comprehensive and complete solution for travel insurance companies - the Travel Insurance System.

The Travel Insurance System is a powerful platform for you to improve revenue by focusing your manpower to more crucial areas, leaving the back-end processes to be promptly carried out by the travel insurance software.

The software in the travel insurance system ensures that all your data and relevant information is available at a single place, accessible to your administrative department. The travel insurance software can make claims processing faster and easier , with the ability to share files, send automated responses to clients, receive and organize service requests and give alerts for pending work, making it functional and user friendly. In addition, the system can be easily customized to suit your requirements and needs.

Business to direct customer sales channels (B2C)


B2C Set Up




Direct Sales


Payment Gateways


Enrollment of Travel Policies


Real Time Sales Reports

Business to direct customer sales channels (B2C)


Web Portal


Travel Agents Connect


Payment Management


Bordereau Management


Administration of Policies


Reinsurance Reporting

Some of the features are

  • Instant automotive response and case notification to client.
  • Verification of members
  • Reminder for pending and urgent tasks for specific individuals or groups.
  • Integrated map service with complete database of provider network.
  • Service requests tackling
  • Storage of all relevant data pertaining to the case, which includes network related, financial or medical data.
  • Communications – direct storage of logs and documents for each case.
  • Simultaneous sharing of files with individuals and groups.
  • Currency exchange features.
  • Outgoing communications templates.
  • Transfer and sharing of files among departments for the purpose of auditing, networking and billing.
  • Online recommendation for critical medical cases after sharing medical reports to medical department.
  • Features for online authorization.

MedinyX TravelDOC White Label APP

Home Screen

A.I. Medical Symptoms Checker

A.I. Dermatology Image Scan

Video Call with Doctor

A.I. Based Medical Symptom Checker


MedinyX TravelDOC APP Features


COVID-19 pandemic travel advisory


Consult a doctor/ psychologist


A.I. medical symptoms checker


A.I. dermatology doctor


Drug interaction checker


Doctor house/hotel call


Request medical transport


Search medical facility


General travel assistance


Air time & data recharge