MedinyX HealthDOC

MedinyX HealthDoc offers products and solutions for health insurance companies that help in digitizing, enhancing communication with customers and increasing sales and overall business enhancement. Our innovative solutions for your members facilitate better outcomes by providing them with health based predictions and real time outcomes.

Why HealthDOC is a value proposition for Health and Life Insurance Companies?

Add value

Add Value to your health/life portfolios


Digitization of your health/life insurance sales

Increase sales

Increase sales and overall business enhancement

Health intelligence

Management of your member with better health intelligence


On the spot health underwriting


Customer retention

MedinyX HeathDOC App

 Home Screen

Home Screen

Health doc assist

Blood Test / Bio Marker Predictive Health

Health doc assist

A.I. Dermatology Image Scan

Health doc assist

Blood Glucose Reading & Insulin Calculation

Health doc assist


MedinyX HeathDOC App Features

Health doc assist

Blood test / bio marker predictive health

Health doc assist

Diabetes management

Health doc assist

Telemedicine - audio video call with doctor

Health doc assist

Dermatology image analysis

Health doc assist

Mental health – Speak to a psychologist

Health doc assist

Search Providers, doctors

MedinyX A.I. Predictive Blood Report


Blood works/ lab report A.I. driven analysis with recommendations –

Members can simply upload their lab reports via the HealthDOC APP which would be tailored and white labelled as per your needs. The AI engine based on millions of data shall provide your member with certain health-based predictions.

From an insurer's point of view – we shall be able to give you insights based on the lab reports, active or annual health checkup-based reporting, insurance company will get the risk analysis and intelligent predictable lifestyle risks of the member.