Gadget Warranty Claims Management System

Manage Gadget Insurance Claim efficiently with our Gadget Insurance Management System!

Managing insurance claim manually is a daunting job. MedinyX understands it and developed software that allows gadget insurance claims management and warranty claims management to be done more efficiently. It is a powerful platform that stores every single piece of relevant information for gadget insurance services. Our Gadget Insurance Management System offers your company the feature of a central database. With this system, faster and efficient document organization for claims handling is possible with just a single click. Incoming warranty claims can be verified and placed digitally within the relevant case using the online warranty management system.

The software allows the users to customize their report system. Reports and alerts can even be scheduled for auto-run at set times/dates and be distributed to pre-defined contacts. All these features come inbuilt in the warranty management system. An app can be provided for the insured member to have direct communication with the insurance company for insurance policy access and service requests or, in case of lost or stolen gadget, the same can be done through the software by MedinyX, which is specially developed for the Gadget Insurance Management System Clients.

Sales /Enrollment

  • Bulk or Single Member Enrollment made possible
  • Plan Configuration available
  • Plan Benefit Configuration at finger-tip

Service center Management

  • Centralized Claims Processing
  • Facilitated Cost Analysis with real-time information from service centers
  • Enabled Cost Analysis as per Product / Brand / Model

Accounts / Finance

  • Payments, Deposit, Advance, e-Approvals
  • Party Ledger
  • Days Interval Outstanding
  • Payment Settlement
  • Followups & Email Reminders


  • Online Claim Submission
  • New Claims
  • Old Claim Status
  • Compliance Status

Job Order

  • Barcode Reading
  • Dispatch Status
  • Delivery Status

Invoicing/ Billing

  • Invoicing to Insurers
  • Invoicing Approval
  • Multiple Currency

Agent Login

  • User Rights
  • Office & User Configuration
  • Admin Eye & Email Rights

Highlights of software features:

  • Case notification and automated response in minimum time to the client.
  • Verification of members.
  • Ability to remind the urgent and pending tasks on the group and individuals.
  • Service center network database with integrated map service.
  • Handling of service requests.
  • Ability to store large number of data related to the case whether of gadgets or their claims.
  • All communications - documents and logs stored directly on the related case.
  • Ability to share the files with individuals and groups at the same time.
  • Templates for all outgoing /incoming communications.
  • Allows files to transfer and share with different dept. for billing, operation and auditing purposes.
  • Online authorization features.