Telemedicine Software Platforms

MedinyX provide customised telemedicine platforms, and virtual care solutions development services for healthcare providers. We ensure that our solutions are compatible, compliant and have data encryption built in mobile and web platforms.

MedinyX telemedicine software platforms offer seamless and secure communication between healthcare providers and patients. Our telehealth platforms give patients access to virtual consultations and remote exams, from the comfort of their own homes. Our telemedicine solutions includes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module.

MedinyX is an entirely HIPPA Complaint telemedicine software solution and will provide a business associates agreement.

Life insurance

Bundle-in with your Health & Life Insurance Program

Health Insurance Plan

A simple plug and play solution for your
Health Insurance Plan

Play solution

A simple plug and play solution for your
Life Insurance Plan

HIPPA Complaint Telehealth Software

MedinyX is 100% safe, secure, confidential, and HIPPA complaint telehealth software platforms.

Digital Health

Digital Health Assessment


Telehealth Services


e-Prescription Drug Search Medicine Delivery


Client Wellness & Mental Health

Digital Health

Underwriting STP & Non STP


White label tele consultation mobile app


Doctor / provider sign up solutions

portal for doctors

Online web portal for doctors/members


HIPPA / GDPR compliant platform

Online payment

Online payment solutions

Digital Health Assesment

Instant Health Parameters from the App

  • 100% software only solution

  • Video-based contact-less

  • Extract health parameters in under one minute

  • Run on any device with a camera - smartphone, tablet, laptop, browser

  • No need for wearables or any other hardware dedicated device.

We enable the healthcare, insurance, wellness and any other industry in need of health data to easily monitor patient/client-provide health data, providing countless benefits to both industries and consumers. We also enable these industries to provide their end-users with a health and wellness monitoring solution.

Global Insurtech

Abnormal vital signs levels - indicative of possible health issues

Health Issue
Heart Rate Variability
  • Cardiovascular

  • Diabetes

  • Kidney

  • Seizure

Mental Stress
  • Depression

  • Anxiety

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure
  • Smoking

  • Stress

  • Overweight

Heart Rate
Heart Rate(HR)

  • Cardiovascular

  • Respiratory

  • General health

Oxygen Saturation (Coming soon)
  • Respiratory

  • Smoking

Respiration Rate
Respiration Rate
  • Respiratory

Telehealth APP - Screenshot

Home Screen

Home Screen

Select Doctor

Select Doctor

Select Timing

Select Timing

Appointment Scheduled

Appointment Scheduled

Video Audio call

Region Wise Doctor / Provider Sign Up Solutions

Doctor gets enroll for teleconsultion

Online web portal for Doctors and Patient

tele doctor provider network

Doctor / Provider Network

Medical KYD (Know Your Doctor) Solutions

telemedicine Doctor

Doctor Uploads

Region / counry wise sign up

Doctor Identity Verification Via Licence Number, Registration Number, Degree Verification, Speciality

Doctor gets enroll for teleconsultion

Vetting committee approves or rejects doctor sign up request

Doctor gets enroll for

Doctor gets access to the Telehealth Program

MedinyX Telehealth Platform Screenshot

Telemedical consultation started

Telemedical consultation started with the doctor & patient


Doctor will write the medical report & give ePrescription

Some of the key features of MedinyX Telehealth Platform

  • Highly Flexible - Our platform is highly adaptable to deal with the business model of Insurer, Member/Patient, Direct Localized Doctor Network

  • Global Marketplace - The platform is scalable towards a global market taking into consideration the needs of insurers- multiple in the same country – white label, small customizations, quick TATs, compliances, languages and much more.

  • Quick Turn Around Time - With a passion for medical platforms and a deep knowledge driven team we like to keep things optimized. With faster TATs this creates an opportunity for all parties involved.

  • An appointment request would be requested and the member would be able to pick options.

  • We will send the tele consultation secure link to member on SMS and email.

  • Doctors will take the telemedical consultation on the safe GDPR compliant link.

  • Client will get all the case notification and automotive response in minimum time.

  • Client will get all the medical documents related to the case time to time.

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