MedinyX Assisitance

Hotel Guest's In-room Pads

Simplify & Increase Your Membership Management Today!
MedinyX M-PAD for hotel management is designed to empower your standalone boutique or multiple properties to manage your day-to-day operations by bringing efficiency in your operations from house keeping to in-house Guest Revenue Solutions, Guest Billings, Group Billings, Food & Beverages, Moving Inventory Management and much more.

M-Pad for Hotel Rooms/Guests

Unique in-room experience with innovative services by M-PAD. Access to all the hotel services and content such as, Hotel Info, Room Service, Spa Booking, Hotel e-Shops.

  • Health Insurance benefits
    Bill View
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Food & Beverages
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Book Spa/Restaurant
  • Health Insurance benefits
    E -Concierge
  • Health Insurance benefits
    In room Dining/Request
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Loyalty Card Enrollment
  • Health Insurance benefits
    Buy room for more nights via Pad

M-Pad for Hotels

The MedinyX PAD is an extended arm towards your business operation in hotels. The M-PAD adds a positive element in today's businesses.Increase in-room revenue from services.
  • Quick & Easy Booking Process
  • Advertise for More Cross Sells
  • Increase Affinity Based Sales
  • Real Time Guest-to-Staff Feedback
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Track Sales & Profitability
  • Manage Inventory
  • Accept Payments