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AI+Clinician driven

UW Medical Case management

Tele-Radiology Platform for Health and Life Insurance

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AI-based tele-radiology system for underwriting process in Life Insurance industry. Tele - radiology acting as differentiator in Life insurance industry to review process in terms of profitability, efficiency and accuracy.

Opt tele-radiology into underwriting workflow for risk mitigation, better pricing and profit augmentation for Life Insurance Company.

MedinyX XR: Products

MedinyX XR-Heart Failure

  • Detect Cardiomegaly with a CTR >0.5 and Pleural Effusion
  • Facilitates in incidental detection of Heart Failure

MedinyX XR-ICU

  • Detect placement and shifts in Breathing/Feeding tubes
  • qXR-BT device is 510(k) cleared
  • Generate progression reports for daily monitoring

MedinyX XR-ER

  • Flag rib fractures, pneumothorax and pneumoperitonium
  • Prioritize care right at the X-ray console with OEM Integrations

MedinyX XR: Chest X-Ray AI

  • Detects & localizes 30+ chest abnormalities inc. lung nodules
  • Prioritizes worklist for abnormal chest x- rays
  • Generates AI Secondary Capture of chest x- ray
  • Pre-populates editable Radiologist report

510(k) cleared for Breathing tubes


Hardware & PACS Agnostic


CE Class II B Certified


W H O Endorsed


MedinyX Imaging AI Portfolio: Multiple Modalities

Imaging AI Portfolio

Teleradiology built in Tele-Underwriting


Proposal form Tele-Underwiring File


Part of the Tele-UW the Xray would also be needed and uploaded on the Tele-radiology platfrom .

scanned detection

Once uploaded and scanned detection process kickstart.


Clinicians run a reporting/Red flagging


Release to Client/Insurer


How AI-Powered Teleradiology helpful in risk analysis?

  • Detects abnormalities in early stage
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Detects & localizes 30+ chest abnormalities including lung nodules
  • Reduce diagnostic error
  • Detects & localizes 30+ chest abnormalities including lung nodules
  • Helpful in underwriting process like assessing risk, determining premiums and profitability.

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