Legal Document Repository System

Store and manage documents in a centralized repository to enable simple and quick access and communication across your clients.

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Features of Legal Repository System


Secure & Centralized Document Storage

Multi User

Multi User Access


Document Versioning & Sharing

Share Files

Share Files Securely


Access on the go anytime anywhere


Search on Title and Text within files

File Formats

Support Various File Formats

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage


MedinyX MLegal System

MedinyX MLegal Repository System transcends mere cloud storage, serving as a central for capturing and store your organization's document-centric data. This streamlines the process of locating the latest document versions, allowing users to concentrate on their tasks instead of combing through scattered paper or digital files across various repositories and silos. Specific documents can be linked to particular matters, with access restricted to authorized users. Confidential documents are exclusively accessible to approved individuals. Furthermore, sharing documents with external counsel and consultants is a straightforward process.

In today's digital era, the conversion of information into electronic format has become an essential business practice. Nevertheless, mishandling documents can result in the loss of crucial information, which can significantly impact customers and, consequently, the business.

One System to Manage Documents, Matters and Automate Tasks


Auto Renewal Notification

Automated alerts for subscription or contract renewals in the tech industry.


BI Reports

Business intelligence reports providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making.


Company Data Verification (*Country Specific)

Verification of company information tailored to specific country requirements.


Company Board Resolution / Event / Meeting Management (Calender, Reminders)

Technology-driven tools for managing corporate events and board meetings with scheduling and reminders.


Company Government Filing Reminder & Management

Technology solutions for tracking and managing government filing deadlines for businesses.


Digital Signing

Electronic signature solutions for secure and efficient document authentication in the digital age.


Quick Insights of Document (AI)

AI-powered tools offering rapid analysis and understanding of documents.

Mlegal is a integrated part of MedinyX 360°

MedinyX 360° is fully customized and result-driven case management software system for medical, & travel assistance organizations, vendors to make more productive and effective work.

Case Management 360

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