MedinyX Assisitance

Medical Assistance

MedinyX 360° has the right solutions for you if you are an assistance company of any size, to serve your insured and non-insured members.
MedinyX 360° has the ability to handle and manage your portfolio on
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits

Some of the features are

  • Case notification and automotive response in minimum time to the client.
  • Verification of members
  • Ability to remind the urgent and pending tasks on the group and individuals.
  • Full provider network database with integrated map service
  • Handling of service requests
  • Ability to store large number of data related to the case whether medical, financial or network related.
  • All communications - documents and logs stored directly on the related case.
  • Ability to share the files with individuals and groups at the same time.
  • Has real time currency exchange features.
  • Templates for all outgoing communications.
  • Allows files to transfer and share with different dept. for billing, networking and Auditing purpose.
  • Ability to share the Medical information with medical dept. and to avail their authorization and recommendation online on the critical medical cases.
  • Online authorization features.