What is Covered Under Roadside Assistance?

By  MedinyX    |    Assistance    |    Published- 16 September 2022

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Roadside assistance may be a form of protection if your car breaks down on the road. Most insurance firms offer this coverage for comprehensive insurance policyholders.

Car breakdowns might happen unexpectedly. Several reasons, such as a flat tire, empty fuel tank, or a flat battery, can cause your car to stop in the middle of your road trip. Worse, not everybody keeps the tools in their car to repair their car damage on the spot.

This is wherever roadside assistance plays an important role. Roadside assistance may be a kind of protection if your car breaks down on the road.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance coverage is intended to get you back on the road if your car becomes inoperable. In the event you would like you need, you can generally call the coverage provider directly at their selected hotline or request help through a mobile app. The provider will send somebody to provide you the service you need, assuming it's covered under the plan.

What does Roadside Assistance Cover?

For many people, roadside assistance probably evokes a picture of a tow coming to drag your incapacitated car to the closest shop. While that is certainly something that your roadside assistance coverage may provide, it's far from the sole thing.

Here are several common inclusions in roadside assistance:

Towing Service

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road and it is not repairable at the scene, this cover comes handly. Depending on the distance and service provider, a private car towing service may cost you hundreds or absolutely free of cost to a number of miles/kilometers.

Battery Failure

If your car battery fails and not start, you can avail this cover. A technician will come and a jump can give you the power needed to get back on the road.

Ambulance Rides

It provides an ambulance services and transport in the case of a serious illness or injury.

Lock Out

If you have realize that you've locked your keys in your car. With this cover, the service provider comes and help you get back a new keys. However, you will have to bear the cost of this service (new keys).

Fuel Delivery

If your vehicle fuel empty while driving. The required fuel is delivered at your location. You will have to bear the fuel charges only and the delivery is free of cost.

Flat Tire

Flat tire is something which might happen to anyone anywhere & anytime. If you do not know how to replace a flat tire, or don't have a spare tire inside your vehicle, you can use this service. A skilled mechanic will come at your location and replace the flat tire.

Who should take Roadside Assistance Cover?

1. If you are a frequent traveller, it is a must for you to but an RSA (Roadside Assistance) cover.

2. If your vehicle age is less than 5 years, you can buy an Roadside Assistance cover.